Spaceship Series

Capsule Cat Bed On the Floor
or Mounted on Wall

About Cat's Day

Most cats sleep more than 10 hours a day, and nearly 40% cats sleep more than 18 hours per day. New-born kittens and elder cats tend to sleep up to 20 hours. Spaceship series are designed to meet their natural sleeping habit, some like to sleep in the dark corner, some might like to sleep at height spots to feel secured. The design concept of Spaceship series came from the position how cat love during sleeping. They curled like a ball. The position helps them to retain body heat when sleeping. Spaceship series choose the Pine wood as the main material to keep them cool in the hot days, and warm in the cold days.

Watch & Play

Big Transparent Acrylic Window

Snuggle & Cuddle

Ergonomic Design

Fresh Air 

4 Ventilation Holes

High Quality

Natural Solid Wood Pattern 

For Multi-Cat Household

#Extra Large Space 

Alpha is a grounded cat bed for those who tend to sleep on the ground. Alpha contains a large interior which fits all body types of cats and multi-cat household. The floor-stand is also friendly for kitten or even short-leg cats get in it easily, like Munchkn.

With two large clear windows aside, they could play like crazy inside of Alpha. The two large windows extend the interior space for them to stay and sleep inside. We could play and interact with them through the transparent window.

Two Large Clear Window

#Play Safe. Rest Cozy.

From Kitties To Adult

#Floor-Stand Cat House 

Gamma is a cat bed for both wall-mounted and floor-used. It could be a grounded cat bed when they are still kitties. They could sleep and rest in Gamma safe and comfy under the big round clear window. There are 4 colors to meet any kinds of interior style.

Gamma could be set at any height and corner. It could be set in living room, bedroom, or work spot and without taking up floor space. Felines could climb and hide to the top to find their safe spot or basically rest in a spot close to you. The two different sides of entrances could integrate according to the furniture coordination.

Sleep In The Cloud

#Hide & Spy From The Height 

Catronaut In Spaceship
Space cat around the world