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Cats are tired of toys, and keep being furniture-sabotager?
It's time to enrich the environment for them! Install some wall-mounted cat furniture, a simple wall can be their playground immediately.

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Busycat series

Hexagonal design shelves not only increase multiple routes but looks like honeycombs. Let your cats be as industrious as bees. See how lovely when they shuttle back and forth between shelves just like bees build honeycombs.

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Spaceship series 

ALPHA & GAMMA spaceship are curved round capsule-like cat bed with a big acrylic window. The curved wooden is ergonomic for felines to cuddle in there to sleep, rest, nap, or groom themselves. It could be placed on the ground if they don't feel comfortable climbing up high -They could be used in two ways!

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Cat steps 

Enjoy watching cats jump up high and down? These steps are the spots which not only helps them enter and exit the highway but be as the connection between each lane.

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Cat perches

 Felines love perching up high and viewing down from the top. Providing them with comfortable surroundings where they feel at ease enough to groom, and sleep is rather important.They could be used in two ways!

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