Ms. Wu originally had 5 lovely cats,
but as the years went by,
that number ballooned to 12.
For the vast majority of us,
taking care of only 5 cats is no easy task.
But because of Ms.Wu’s kindness and love for cats,
she started to take in feral cats she found around town.
She then attempted to find new owners who would love these animals as much as her.

But as time goes by,
she always ends up keeping all the cats and treating these pets as her own children.
They say “familiarity breeds content” and this saying is no more true than with the cats and Ms. Wu!


It’s a common assumption that keeping pets at home leads to a messy house.
But in the case of Ms. Wu,
this couldn’t be further from the truth!
Her house is a clean and tidy modern place.
This not only ensures Ms. Wu’s comfort but also allows the cats to lead healthy lives and unwanted diseases and unwanted health issues.

This is why Ms. Wu only uses MYZOO: they’re easy to clean. Unlike other companies cat houses with carpeted surfaces, if your pet throws up on the smooth wooden surface, it’s easy to clean!

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Here’s 3 additional reasons why she likes MYZOO:

The design of MYZOO

The design of MYZOO is modern, unique and "cat-thinking",
it not only looks great in your house, 
it also is great for cats’ needs and lifestyles - MYZOO
really cares about what your pet really needs.

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The diversity

believe it or not, this isn’t the first cat wall Ms. Wu installed in her house,
“The first designing CAT WALL was finished in my previous house 2 years ago,” Ms. Wu told us, “then I moved in this new house, which is larger than the previous one but the size of wall in the living room is smaller, so the original designing can not work anymore.”

Fortunately, Ms. Wu chose to install our BUSYCAT cat wall in her new home. Since BUSYCAT allows people to be as creative as they want to be,
even with smaller room she still had almost unlimited design options.

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Cat: Hello neighbor, have a good day!

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The space-saving idea:
“The space in Taipei City is valuable and I have 12 cats, so if I put much floor cat tree for catering their needs, the space would be wasted,” Ms. Wu said, “Thanks for the idea of FLOATING SHELF, it helps me a lot, me and my 12 cats can share the space peacefully.”

Cats love high perches,
so our FLOATING SHELF provides your pets a safe and comfortable vantage point to rest and view happening below.

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