This room is specially designed for the kids (including our cat of course).

By adding couple pieces of MYZOO'e design, gives the living room a bit more personality, and now my daughter spends more time with our furry friend. 


《Pet-Friendly Environment》

Felines love to eat with us all the time.

Adding the wall-mounted cat shelves at the dining room, their favorite place, is a great idea where we could also find them. Wall-mounted cat shelves make them exercise more and getting move more than before. Now the whole family can really all eat together at the same time, same room.

Now my daughter is the one who got distracted easily during the meal.

Wall-mounted cat shelves save me lots of problems, since cats could have their own place to run and hide (up-high vertically).


 《Layout Service》

The layout service gave us a huge help for this renovation!

We have totally no idea on the layout or the cat walkway. The design came up with brilliant ideas and professional suggestions on how the cat walkway should be look like in the dining room. 

They asked the cats' condition and their habits. Also, we could totally modify the layout as we wished! That is the best part as if we are the one who design the cat walkway!

After designing, they would provide a detailed measurement, so the cat wall would look exactly same as the layout.

A huge thanks to Myzoo Design Layout Service!!


disposition de mur pour chats

Under construction

disposition de mur pour chats


disposition de mur pour chats

disposition de mur pour chats

disposition de mur pour chats

disposition de mur pour chats
disposition de mur pour chats

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