If you have a surplus bedroom, utilize it as a cat room! | MYZOO Design

Mr.Tsai has 5 Gingira.
He lives in a big house which has many rooms but not used.
He wants to makeover one of the room as a cat room,
where he can keep cats far away the dangerous things
(For example a wire, a plastic bag, a glass stuff.)

A place he knows that the cats would be safety when every time he leaves the house.

"The room is not a big cage to my cats." Mr.Tsai  said,
"To them,it will be like a playground, a safety house.
A place where has everything they need.
Such as cat teaser,cat scratcher, litter box, cat tree,cat shelves,
cat feeder,cat house and cat bed."

While we started to design the cat room,
The first thing is to collect the information:
1.What cat's daily stuff are?
2.How much quantities will be needed for 5 cats?
3.The cats' characteristic
4.The measurement of each wall of the cat room
5.Any expectation about the cat room
We gathered all the information from Mr.Tsai.
Then we leave enough space for these daily stuff.
So Mr Tsai can put those things inside the cat room after its done.

Under the consideration of the cats are 5 Adult Gingira
which are large cat and high energy.
We designed the 40 cm altitude for them to easy climbing.
And we built multiple lanes to create the diversified cat's walkway.
Plus, we put several cat beds for them to provide them a resting place.
Some are mounted on wall to cater cat's interesting of staying on the high place.
Some are put on the ground to make it as a starting point of cat's walkway
Moreover, we customized a skywalk which is in 14in width as Mr. Tsai expecting

Finally, an amazing cat room is finished.

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