DIY Cat Shelves | Room Makeover | MYZOO Design

Want to try something even more special?

Paint your favorite color on the wooden cat shelves!

A wall would be totally different with cat shelves on it.


  • Wooden material allows painting on the veneer, which would turn the products into a unique pieces. It could be an outstanding pieces only for your very special felines.

A black cat jumping on a wooden cat shelf painted in green color.

  • The color could be any of your choices. Matching the color with the interior style can be an inspiration. Different colors on the cat furniture would bring different vibes and styles to the interior. 

The room seems united and organized with the same painting color.

  • The room would look more organized and united with the same color tone, while the natural wooden color warm up the inner space.
A little modification and changes would make a big differences!

A black cat is hiding and caving in a hexagon shaped cat shelf painted in a light-green color.

Build a cat wall for your felines with wall-mounted cat shelves made by MYZOO.

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