Avoid your cats being lonely| Design a cat wall

Always leave your cat alone when you go to work?

Looking for a cat tree but don’t know where to put?

We have some advices that you may want to know.

How long can you leave your cats?

A tabby cat sits in a capsule looks like wooden cat condo looking outside the window.

Experts in cat field recommend not to leave your cat alone for more than 24 hours.

Better not leave more than 8 hours. In fact, cats need your company more than you think.

Apart from providing sufficient water and food, what else you should do?

1. Keep the consistent temperature.

Cats are most comfortable at a temperature between 25°C to 30°C.

Set a thermostat and keep the temperature between this range.

2. Examine all electrical equipment and everything that can cause danger.

Like power switch, unplug all cables and devices if you can.

3. Keep them entertained.

Providing cat tree, cat toy or anything your cat may enjoy.

Make sure that when you are not at home, your cat still has things to interact with.

Why do cats need a cat wall?

Exploring, climbing and hanging out at high place are cat’s instincts.

The biggest problem most people would face is they don’t have enough space.

So, they usually end up with putting a cat tree on the corner and nothing else.

But have you ever considered taking use of wall space?

Building a vertical cat playground by putting cat steppers, cat perches and cat scratchers on the wall. It won’t occupy too many spaces and can also satisfy your cat.

Three cats explore cat steps, cat shelves and scratchers mounted on the wall.

1. Select a proper wall.

It’s a good choice to put furniture nearby the window and reach high enough to the ceiling.

A living room with wall mounted cat furniture and a big window.

2. Plan a fluent route and set a suitable distance between each stepper.

3. Provide resting spot and starting/ending point.

Felines can’t continually walk on the steps without resting. Add a resting spot for them is important!

If you are not sure how to do it, we have professional designer who can help you to figure out the best way to build the cat wall.

A scottish fold sleeping in a hexegon cat shelf with white cover.


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